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Windows & Doors

38 windows

38 windows

I found the number of windows I had designed for the house only when it was time to order them.

Thirty eight!

Later on, I had been counting windows on large houses but I never came across a house that had that many. Mind you that the quantity was one thing, but their size was the other. They were large windows: 1.8 meter high and some even 2.1 meter high. Width varied from 0.6 to over 2 meters.

Some companies that I called for prices compared my order with buying a Mercedes. They claimed making very high quality windows. Most of their features though such as triple glazing, filling with gas that had lower heat conductivity than air and various fansy coating only added 5 to 10% of efficiency while being five times more expensive.

I decided that I was not in a mood of sponsoring their research in weather efficient windows and instead of buying 38 Mercedes I purchased 38 scooters, which were standard double glazed vinyl windows that came with 15 years of a seal warranty.

Seeing all types of framing (wood, metal, vinyl) I knew that vinyl was the best of all. It was cheap, light, maintenace free and lasted forever.

38 windows

Installing windows

As you can see on the picture, installing windows on the first floor was not a difficult job. I applied the house wrap sheathing around all openings first. Then I installed shims at the bottom of each opening. Then I inserted a window in the opening and nailed it along the perimeter.

The second floor was more challenging. I used my pulley here again. I attached it to the roof and hoisted a window, then climbed up myself using a ladder and nailed the window in.

Exterior doors

Two exterior doors were special order as they were 96 inches high. They were made in Vancouver and delivered three months after. One door was damaged during shipping, so it was returned. Three months later they shipped a replacement door. It was ok except that the jam was 4 inches instead of 6. It was returned too. Another three months passed before I received the new door. It was missing a kicking plate. The kicking plate was the standard one, so Home Depot supplied me with one and I had to attach it myself. Mind you that those doors were about a grand each.

The moral - avoid any special order as much as you can.

Storm doors

Later on, I decided to add the storm doors as well. I had been prepared to wait for another year as they must have been special order too due to their size. Luckily, it was a different company, I think some local one, and I received my special order in about two months without any further problems. The storm doors were all glass with metal framing. Glass could easily be replaced with a screen in summer time.

Interior doors

There were 11 interior doors. Thanks goodness they all were standard sizes 36 by 80 inches and readily available in both Revy and Home Depot. I combined the interior door order with bath tubs to save on a delivery.

Garage doors

My double attached garage was designed with two 9 by 7 foot insulated doors. The reason I went with two doors instead of one was that they were lighter and opening just one small door in winter would keep the garage warmer.